Send automated... yet customized text messages to let your customer know that their table is ready, their service is complete, or remind them of their upcoming appointment.

We keep it Simple. No Software to Install. No headaches.
Have a Web browser? You can begin immediately.

3 great plans geared to your particular requirements

Pricing Plans


  • Restaurant Solution  Unlimited use for our web based Hostess and/or Kiosk application.
  • Restaurant Solution  Web-based - free real time enhancements.
  • Restaurant Solution  Works for all major browsers.
  • Restaurant Solution  Ideal for iPad and other display tablets, but any computer or laptop is fine too.
  • Restaurant Solution  You can control individuality of messages: Including name, date or time, minutes left, reply messages - all, some or none.
  • Restaurant Solution  Fast and reliable - short code based, carrier approved short code.
  • Restaurant Solution  No message bundles to buy.
  • Restaurant Solution  One time $99 set up to customize your messages, and setup your account specifics.
  • Restaurant Solution  No monthly maintenance fees.
  • Restaurant Solution  Optional text marketing promotion plans are easily integrated, for 5 cents/msg.
  • Restaurant Solution  Want to use a free trial? No problem! Give us a call or email, and we will set you up!
  • Restaurant Solution  Free 24/7 support

  • Restaurant Solution
  • Service Solution
  • retail Solution
  • Restaurant Solutions Restaurant Solutions
    • Eliminate cost of LED coaster pagers
    • Carrier approved text message traffic
  • Service Solutions Service Solutions
    • Push button to notify customers
    • Free up service personnel time
  • Retail Solutions Retail Solutions
    • Customers shop while they wait
    • 2 way communication
To receive a brochure, answer more questions, or obtain a quotation, please give us a call at: 888.678.7845 (o SoQuik) or email