iSpeedbuy Announces "Patent Awarded for SMS/MMS Paging and Ordering System"

May 6, 2014 (Columbia, MD) - iSpeedbuy, LLC, today announced it was granted U.S. Patent Number 8,718,684 for a text message paging and ordering system based on the U.S. Wireless Carriers’ short code number system.
“We are extremely pleased to be awarded this patent. It’s the culmination of years of testing and product development,” said Mike Ellis, iSpeedbuy’s founder. “Our vision since 2008 has been to devise a way to send text messages (SMS) from an application to a person in a carrier-approved manner that would ensure customer satisfaction and trust.”
The patent covers using SMS/MMS short codes for application-to-person (A2P) SMS communication. The service will be furnished to restaurants and other industries under the brand SoQuik TextPage, and may be licensed to other companies, according to Ellis.
Although Ellis is eager to integrate his technology with restaurant table management systems, he also foresees applying the technology to airlines, auto dealerships, healthcare practices, tradeshow exhibit halls and other industries that could benefit by sending reminders to customers and/or implementing text marketing.
“iSpeedbuy currently offers a RESTful API that allow firms to seamlessly integrate SMS paging into their own applications with minimal coding, thereby dramatically shortening development times and freeing companies to concentrate on their core competences,” said Ellis.
For more information, go to or call 410.864.0218

iSpeedbuy, LLC Announces "SoQuik TextPage RESTful API for integration into Table Management and Enterprise Systems"

Dec 20, 2012 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC today announced the release of their REST API that allows for establishments to directly and seamlessly integrate TextPage patent pending SMS technology into their table management or enterprise systems.

The API is immedialy available. Product and pricing is available by contacting  Visit the website at or call 888.676.7845.

iSpeedbuy, LLC Announces "Fixed Pricing for SoQuik TextPage"

July 20, 2011 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC today announced the immediate change in pricing structure for its TextPage Return and Remind Product suites to a fixed pricing model for the textpage system.  SoQuik operates textpage on a patent pending short code system.


The new structure allows for better pricing predictability, lower costs, and easier accounting  for the restaurant.


Mike Ellis, iSpeedbuy founder states: "In the past, we (as well as others) in the market place have bundled text messages or asked for a per message charge to be applied to each text message.  Effective today, we are eliminating this practice and are now simply offering a flat fixed price level for 3 different levels of service.  We feel that restaurants want to know their expected costs and not have a variable each month that may surprise them negatively"  said Ellis.

If there is a text marketing option added, a variable price per message still applies. 

Product and pricing is available by contacting  Visit the website at or call 410.864.0218.

iSpeedbuy, LLC Releases "SoQuik Textpage for Multiple Areas"

May 10, 2011 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC today announced the immediate availability of TextPage Return "Multiple Areas, which allows a restaurant to simultaneously allow multiple entry areas within the same restaurant to be managed seemlessly in at the same time. 


Richard Duck, General Manager of Phillips Seafood Restaurant in Baltimore MD comments: "We had a tremendous need to allow our guests to enter into any one of several entry points.  Our outside deck, our outside lounge, or our inside seating area . . but yet allow any hostess to have the visibility and management of all 3 areas at the same time.  TextPage solves this problem for us seemlessly accomodating very distinct and separate wait times"

Available by contacting Visit the website at or call 410.864.0218

iSpeedbuy, LLC announces mobile marketing integration into the SoQuik product suite

Nov 21, 2010 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC today announced the immediate availability of mobile marketing into the entire suite of SoQuik products.

The newest release totally integrates a mobile marketing platform for the restaurant, retail firm, automotive shop or salon. Messages can be sent to specific groups, regions, or locations, and are totally compliant with the Mobile Marketing Associations standards of conduct for sending text messaging.

Mike Ellis, iSpeedbuy founder, is quick to explain that one of SoQuik’s core values is to ensure marketing messages are appropriate so that recipients look forward to receiving information that improves their quality of life. “I believe that messaging has to be always something the user looks forward to, and not of a spamming nature” said Ellis.

The marketing portion of TextPage can be used in conjunction with the Hostess or Receptionist software, or as a stand alone product. There is no cost for any of the software. Beginning at 5 cents per message with no fees for additional keywords, pricing is below that of mainstream mobile marketing and is posed to be the lowest on the market today with SMS short code technology.
Available by contacting Visit SoQuiks website at or call 410.864.0218

iSpeedbuy announces TextPage Product Suite released on the Apple iPad

Apr 26, 2010 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC, today announced the release of SoQuik TextPage on the Apple iPad, an innovative product suite for the Apple iPad consisting of two interactive, web-based utilities, Return and Remind, that enable merchants to communicate with their customers via standard text messages.

“We really wanted to make the interface as simple yet useful as possible for all operators of the system,” explained Mike Ellis, founder of iSpeedbuy. “It is so intuitive and easy to navigate that people will find our iPad application an easy extension of what they already do naturally.”

The TextPage Return system helps merchants manage an electronic waiting list and sends text messages to waiting customers, such as restaurant patrons, when they should return to the hostess station. Instead of using hand-scribbled lists, intercoms, coaster pagers or voice pagers to notify customers that their tables are ready, TextPage notifies them via text messages that they receive on their cell phones. The same system has applications in many other industries where customers typically wait for service, including auto repairs, delis and pharmacies.

TextPage Remind system helps merchants manage an electronic appointment list that sends text messages to customers who have an upcoming appointment to remind them of the date and time, place and phone number. In addition, the customer can text to the system with a simple command to get the time and date of their appointment at any time if they have forgotten when it is. The system has applications in many industries such as hair salons, doctor/dentist offices, and spas.

The same system is used in both cases to allow the merchant to send targeted marketing messages to customers.

Designed for ease of use, input can be made via a standard keyboard and mouse, touch screen or iPad. “SoQuik was designed from the start as a touch screen application so it was a quick and natural adaptation to the Apple iPad ” said Piotr Gajos, Art Director of Sourcebits International, Ltd.

SoQuik TextPage is available immedialtely.

To receive more information or purchase the system, contact, visit or call 410.864.0218

iSpeedbuy, LLC Releases “SoQuik TextPage Remind"

Feb 10, 2010 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC today announced the immediate availability of TextPage Remind, one of the applications of the SoQuik product suite. TextPage Remind allows retail shops, salons, and doctors offices to send automated text messages to their customers when their appointment is due, thus eliminating calling or sending postcards.

“Designed in conjuction with TextPage Return, our latest revision is built on the premise that a major portion of the population desire a text message to remind them of an appointment instead of a call or email as it is useful and timely”, comments Mike Ellis, founder SoQuik. “We are excited to roll this version out to this marketplace”

Available now. Pricing will start at $15/month to ensure wide acceptance and adoption in the marketplace. Available by contacting Visit SoQuiks website at or call 410.864.0218

iSpeedbuy, LLC Releases "SoQuik TextPage Return"

Sept 10, 2009 (Columbia, MD) – iSpeedbuy, LLC today announced the immediate availability of TextPage Return, one of the applications of the SoQuik product suite. TextPage allows restaurants and auto service centers to send their customers a text message when their table is ready or service is performed. In the case of restaurants, this is a major step in eliminating the plastic pager that they formerly may have been handed.

The TextPage patent pending proprietary system is designed to appeal to the “Mobile Generation” who comprise the 250 million cell phones and send billions of monthly text messages in the United States. The system includes a web-based console system that resides on the desk of the hostess area or service area. Additionally, customers could enter their own numbers via kiosk stations for complete privacy and convenience.

Mike Ellis, iSpeedbuy founder comments: "Because it uses web-based technologies and the cell phones that customers are already carrying, TextPage can be deployed immediately and inexpensively. “It won’t be long until having to hang around a restaurant entrance or auto service waiting room is as antiquated as sending a letter instead of an email," remarked Ellis.

"TextPage is one of the most creative and productive uses of text messaging that we've seen. It lets cell phone owners everywhere use what they're already familiar with - a text message - to be informed when they reach the front of a queue," said Scott Goldman, CEO of TextPower, Inc., a provider of gateway and vertical software for text messaging. "SoQuik connects users of TextPage with every major cellular carrier in the country and is completely compliant with all regulations," he added.

Entry level pricing will start at $15/month plus a small text message fee to ensure wide acceptance and adoption in the marketplace. Available by contacting Visit the website at or call 410.864.0218